Carmine Graves
Birth Name:Carmine Santino Graves

Date of birth:c. 1980
Height:5ft 10in
Weight:174 lbs
Class:Account Manager
Appearances:Shattered Graves
The Board Game
The Video Game

I’ll be back, Detective. I’ll be back with people who know what they’re doing!

—Carmine, to Detective Victor Elwood, upon learning that his family's existence has been erased and the MPD is not willing to help him find them.

Carmine Santino Graves (born c.1980) is the main protagonist of the 2011 mystery-thriller novel Shattered Graves by Douglas Harvey. Upon arriving home to find his wife and young daughter missing, Carmine discovers than any mentions of their existence (from personal possessions to photos to medical and social security records) have been completely wiped away. When the police (in particular the Missing Persons' Department) are unwilling to help him find two people who never existed, Carmine becomes a vigilante detective to find them himself. But he soon finds himself tangled in a web of conspiracy and deception that stretches far beyond the disappearance of his wife and daughter. Soon, his family's mysterious abductor, The Crimson Hessian, begins to taunt Carmine with the hopes of unhinging the young, desperate father so that he can finally unite his victims as one.

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