This is a list of all Harvey Studios FILM releases (Short Films and Feature Films) in alphabetical order.

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A Edit

Ace of Spades (2012)

After the Holidays (2010)

Artemis Blackhand (2011)

Avian (2009)

B Edit

No Entries

C Edit

Captain Playground (2010)

Captain Playground II (2012)

Captain Playground III (2013)

Conformity (2010)

D Edit

Dark Spectre (2010)

Death by Twilight (2013)

The Demon's Wake (2011)

E Edit

Eyes (2010)

F Edit

No Entries

G Edit

Gemini Hall (2011)

The Gift (2008)

H Edit

Harmsway (2010)

I Edit

Iron Kettle (2008)

J Edit

Jenna Time (2008)

Jenna Time 2 (2009)

K Edit

No Entries

L Edit

Lovers Quarrel (2008)

M Edit

Midway Lane: The Movie (2010)

Monolith (2010)

N Edit

No n00bs Up In This Ma (2006)

O Edit

Obsession (2010)

One Hit Wonder (2010)

One Week (2009)

The Operative (2011)

P Edit

No Entries

Q Edit

No Entries

R Edit

Random Movie (2008)

The Red Door (2010)

Reverse (2009)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (2010)

Roomie (2010)

S Edit

Scarlet (2010)

Shadow (2010)

Star Trek: Insurgence (CANCELLED)

Star Trek: Pride and Perfection (CANCELLED)

Star Trek: Subjugation (CANCELLED)

Star Wars: The Battle for Quartus Cross (CANCELLED)

T Edit

Taboo Pleasure (2008)

Tears of the Blessed (2014)

The Tales of Poe (2010)

The Trunk Creeper (2008)

The Turning of the Leaves (2009)

The Tweeky (2006)

U Edit

Unforgettable (2009)

V Edit

Vice (2009)

W Edit

Waiting for Salvation (2010)

West 17 (2006)

Wheelchair Accessible (2006)

Wheelchair Accessible: Redux (2009)

X Edit

Xanadu the Vampire Slayer (2006)

Y Edit

Yvette (2010)

Z' Edit

Zombie Be-Gone: The Movie (2009)