Jesus Saves (2014 - )
Jesus Saves Main Title-01
Genre:Comedy/Talk Show

Format:Radio Talk Show
Created by:Douglas Harvey
Starring:Douglas Harvey
Composed by:Douglas Harvey
Kevin MacLeod (1 Episode)
Country of origin:United States
Original language(s):English
No. of seasons:1
No. of episodes:8
Aspect Ratio:1.78:1
Produced by:Douglas Harvey
Edited by:Douglas Harvey
Production company(s):Harvey Studios
Sharvey Productions
Original Channel:Harvey Studios
Original run:January 5 2014 - Present
Related media:Viola's Videos
External Links:Official Website

Jesus Saves is a 2014 fictional radio talk show hosted by Elle Bennett (voiced by Douglas Harvey). Elle, a strongly religious woman of vaguely southern blood, speaks to her listeners about her various personal experiences with Jesus, whom she is adamant has returned to Earth. As the series progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that Elle is incredibly gullible and the various incarnations of "Jesus" that she is meeting are people taking advantage of her immense faith.

The radio show began as an improvised audio file concocted by Douglas Harvey as a means of masking irreparable audio file damage in the pilot episode of Viola's Videos. It has since become a running gag in that series, and various characters within the Viola universe listen to the show with great enjoyment.

Each episode is released on YouTube, coinciding with the release of the Viola's Videos episode that it was featured in.


Season OneEdit

Jesus Saves with Elle Bennett - Episode 1 The Carpenter

Jesus Saves with Elle Bennett - Episode 1 The Carpenter

Episode 1: The Carpenter. Released alongside Viola's Crossroads