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Shattered Graves is a 2012 mystery-crime-thriller novel by Douglas Harvey. Set in an unspecified city in the United States, the plot follows the drastic efforts taken by Carmine Graves to locate and retrieve his missing wife and daughter from the clutches of a mysterious villain known only as The Crimson Hessian. Along the way he allies himself with a cold and calculating police detective and the daughter of a powerful but corrupt city Councilman. Without proper police assistance, Carmine becomes a vigilante and soon finds himself thrust into the heart of a deadly conspiracy to abduct the Councilman's enemies and wipe away any traces of their very existence. As Carmine begins to put together the clues surrounding his family's disappearance he realizes that they may have fallen victim to the very conspiracy he is unknowingly fueling with his investigations.

The book took nearly six months of planning and plot-mapping as well as building up extensive and detailed backgrounds for all of the major and supporting characters that play a crucial role in the plot. From there, the novel itself took two and a half years to complete. After many months of release delays, the novel now has a tentative release date of June 27th, 2012.

An original musical score was also created by the book's author.


"Carmine Graves has lost his wife and young daughter to a mysterious abductor known only as 'The Crimson Hessian'. Help is continuously rejected by anyone he comes into contact with, driving Graves to become a vigilante detective in order to find the Hessian and save his family. The only problem is - all records of his wife and child's very existence are gone. As the Hessian continues to push Graves further and further, a cold and calculating police detective begins tracking them both down, determined to discover whether the Graves family ever existed in the first place."