What I Am Is Me
Directed byDouglas Harvey
Written byDouglas Harvey
StarringLindsay Cupelo
Aspect Ratio2.35:1
Cinematography byDouglas Harvey
Edited byDouglas Harvey
StudioHarvey Studios
Distributed byHarvey Studios
Release DateJuly 28, 2013
Running Time7 minutes
CountryUnited States
Related media:The Monologues
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What I Am Is Me is a 2013 monologue short film written & directed by Douglas Harvey. The monologue, performed by Lindsay Cupelo, is intentionally cryptic and meant to take on different meanings for different people. The primary interpretation as intended by the director is a "loss of sanity stemming from a loss of faith in humanity".

The film's exterior sequences were improvised by the director and actress, followed by a second day's shoot inside an office setting for the actual performance of the monologue. These sections were then weaved together in editing to create a "cinematic" monologue. It is the first in an ongoing series of these types of shorts, collectively called The Monologues.


The Narrator (Lindsay Cupelo) is seen sulking in an office. As she addresses the audience, we see her escaping the office, but only to find herself cornered by a demonic version of herself. She manages to evade the mirror image, finding herself in a dark and frightening basement where the mirror image shows itself once more. The Narrator ascends to the outside world, where we see her inhaling smoke, being haunted by statues, reflecting somberly on her life, standing alone in an abandoned car park, and taking any opportunity she can to escape life.

Her narration is cryptic, and the events we see her partaking in are shown out of order. But what can be inferred from her monologue is that she has lost faith in humanity and has thus begun to lose her sanity. At the very end we see her escaping via a bus which takes her to an unknown destination. With a final fleeting glimpse back at the audience, the bus doors close and she is gone forever.




The text of the monologue was originally written as a poem by Douglas Harvey in the winter of 2008. It was during a time of personal reflection and sadness that the idea of "losing faith in humanity by losing sanity" came about, and the poem was written in an act of catharsis.

The poem format, as well as several other poem formats of other entries in The Monologues, is included in the short fiction/poetry/essay compilation Things From My Noggin, released in 2014.



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