Yetta Indigo
Portrayed byJackson Bailey

Full NameYetta Adolf Indigo

Date of birthUnknown, at least before 1930

Date of deathNovember 7, 1999




Age70s (at time of death)




Family membersViola Indigo - Daughter
Anthony Indigo - Grandson

RelationshipsViola's Unknown Father

First Appearance1.2 Viola's America

Back during the War we all had to escape from Poland from the Nazi's. The only thing I had was a set of wooden shoes and a bicycle. My bike didn't have a seat and all's we had was cobblestone roads! By time I got across the bridge I was a woman!

—Yetta, telling Viola about her past adventures

Yetta Adolf Indigo is a recurring fictional character in the comedy web series Viola's Videos portrayed by Jackson Bailey. She is the chain-smoking, chardonnay drinking mother of series protagonist Viola Indigo.

Character OverviewEdit

Early Life/BackgroundEdit

Viola's mother, Yetta Indigo, passed away fourteen years before Viola's America, and the woman's chain-smoking and heavy drinking could very well be a factor in Viola's personality and a possible explanation for her addiction to Creme de Menthe. Not much is known about their relationship other than that when called upon from Heaven, Yetta and her daughter are on friendly terms and can hold a conversation with one another over cigarettes.

Viola's AmericaEdit

Yetta makes her first appearance in the second episode of the series, Viola's America. Abducted and held captive in a dirty basement, Viola communicates with the spirit of her dead mother Yetta in order to form an escape plan. After rising above her predicament, she fights and kills her captor and escapes.

Viola's Christmas CarolEdit

Yetta will make an appearance in Viola's Christmas Carol as Viola's Ghost of Christmas Past. There will also be a flashback to a younger and alive Yetta.

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Viola IndigoEdit

Anthony IndigoEdit

Media AppearancesEdit

Yetta currently appears in the following episodes of Viola's Videos:

Season One (2013-2014)

1.02 Viola's America December 24th, 2013
1.03 Viola's Christmas Carol (TBA)


  • The sweater Jackson Bailey wore as Yetta in Viola's America is a sweater worn by an actual dead woman. Anthony, also played by Jackson Bailey, makes a comment about the dead woman's sweater in the post-credits scene of America.
  • As of the most recent release, Viola's America, Yetta has smoked 6 cigarettes.